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Skapad 2009-09-15 23:13

In the sweet little town called Egg Harbor, deep down in New Jersey, there’s something horrendous growing. In it’s own slow rotting pace, but constantly towards a more foul and revolting thing. While it’s been commanding us earlier to repulse and shown us some of the worst chapters of horror. It’s now time to spread the mass completely. And the three men behind it all sure have always known what they’ve been aiming for with their God–awful creation.

– The band was created so we could play death metal in the classic vein, drummer Branden starts to explain. Financially, is it the best style of music to play? No. But it really is all about just having fun and enjoying what you do. We've invested a lot of money into the band, and we've made a lot of that money back. But like I said, we knew going in, we weren't going to make lots full of cash. You hear people always say, "Man, death metal isn't how it used to be". Well, if you're musically inclined, and you know other people who are musically inclined – quit cunting, and write. Now I’m not saying you should completely clone the sound, in terms of production, rip-off writing, and such. I think if the technology is available, use it. But a lot of bands can over-polish their product. Just listen all the death metal acts played on MTV2.

The ten most important gory death/grind metal-albums in your opinion then, and why?
– Well, I’m not completely sure the list I’m about to compile is the top 10 of the most important albums, but they're certainly my favorites (in no particular order):
OBITUARY "Slowly We Rot": One of the very first albums to pop my death metal cherry. And boy did it pop.
DISMEMBER "Like An Everflowing Stream": One of the crunchiest metal albums ever. It's like if Doritos had a soundtrack.
MACABRE "Dahmer": One of the only TRUE death metal albums. And who doesn't love a Willy Wonka jingle on their death metal album?
DEATH "Leprosy": One of the coolest and thickest productions ever. So thick, I could barely hear it.
OBITUARY "Cause of Death": Very much the same experience as with "Slowly We Rot". Except...it got my sloppy seconds.
TERRORIZER "World Downfall": A straight-forward-as-fuck grind album if I ever did hear one. Completely flawless.
ENGORGED "Where Monsters Dwell": You'll notice a generation gap on this one. Why is it on this list? Because it has fucking squids. Fuck yeah, aquatic life!
AUTOPSY "Mental Funeral": No explanation necessary.
MASSACRE "From Beyond": Another thick-as-fuck album. And those cheesy keyboards, those cheesy keyboards...
NAPALM DEATH "Utopia Banished": No, it's not "From Enslavement..." or "Scum". But it is fucking incredible.

You’ve only been around for a few years, but already have a couple of releases behind you. How do you see the development? Has it become more serious now? For what I’ve seen your last output “In the Chapters of Horror” (2008, HPGD) has been very well received.
– Since the start, we’ve always intended to be serious about it. I mean, a lot of money goes into a release. Maybe more or less than you think. But it's still quite a bit of money. From studio costs, artwork costs, pressing costs, it can get expensive, which is most definitely has for "The Red Mass". But in the end, it's worth it. I’m sure every band does it, I know I do, but it's satisfying to lay out all your releases out on a table. You get a sense of accomplishment. Sounds pathetic, and it is. I mean, you're looking at a couple thousand bucks right there. And yes, "In The Chapters of Horror" was well received. But I think that's partially due to us telling people that Dave Mustaine ghost-wrote the entire album.

The new effort ”The Red Mass” is just about to be released, and as usual it’s not really hard to guess what the topics might be about. But what actually is ”the red mass”?
– Well, it kind of all stems back to "Thou Shall Repulse" (2007, Kitchen Vomit) where the title track is about a cult of people whose only deed to be done, was to repulse people and make them sick. And I totally liked the idea of every full-album (non-EP's) being about a cult. Or at least the title track. The same goes for every album cover (even EP's), I like Jeff Zornow to ink something with a centerpiece, and a scene going on around or behind the centerpiece. And that will be the basis and concept of every one of our releases. But going back to "The Red Mass", the basis around the cult on this album is, that their ritual is feeding. Also, I wanted to throw in some satirical-Satanism topics. I always found Satanism hilarious. Or at least the way most Satanists practice their "religion". But basically the song starts with a group of Satanists performing some ritual in the woods, when "The Red Mass" cult lurks up behind them, and just massacres every single one of them. I only used it for EX DEMENTIA, because Harper Collins Books rejected it as a children's novel. Fuck them.

You also had some guest appearance from Chris Reifert (AUTOPSY, ABSCESS) and Ross Sewage (IMPALED) among others. How did you hook up with these guys?
Ross is a really good friend of ours, and we wanted him involved with this somehow. I've known Ross for years, and he's contributed some stuff for us before. Hell, he even spent his whole Halloween painting our back tray art for "Thou Shall Repulse". Now he could have gotten loaded, handed out candy corn and "Death After Life" cd's that nobody wanted. But no, he was a sweetheart about it. And Chris Reifert, well, to have him on the album, that's a personal accomplishment. I mean, we're all über-fans of AUTOPSY and ABSCESS, so it was great when he came aboard. He actually just called me today to let me know that the tracks came out great. And quite frankly, I cannot wait to fucking hear his tracks. It's going to be Reifert-madness. Also, we got Parasitic Tim of SPLATTERHOUSE on the album as well. He's another good friend that we wanted to be involved with the album.

Your old band member Patrick Henry, nowadays known as Admiral Nobeard (SWASHBUCKLE), did also pay you a visit in the studio. But why did he decide leave EX DEMENTIA and become a pirate?
– Actually, he couldn't make it to the studio to record his vocals tracks, which is unfortunate. But the studio he was going to, they were in shambles due to new equipment or something. But hopefully we'll get him on the next release. And I must make a huge correction. He was only a fill-in bassist for us at the Goregon Massacre Festival in Portland, Oregon. Both us and SWASHBUCKLE started around the same time. And in time, we played a couple shows together, and became good friends. So when our bassist (at the time) didn’t have enough funds to fly over to Portland, we asked Pat, err... Admiral Nobeard. But like I said, he was only a fill-in bassist. But we're happy for him and SWASHBUCKLE. They just got signed to Nuclear Blast Records, they're gone to Europe twice, and they're going along their way. And honestly, we couldn't be happier for them. But then again... That's not us. So fuck them. Fuck them hard.

As I understand, you’re a busy man working. Doing what?
– Ha ha ha! Well, I work at a movie theatre, and I usually bring my laptop to work with me, and usually just go online, watch DVD's, and pretty much do nothing, But... When the fudge shop across the street password-protects their wifi, I can’t check the bands PayPal account. So yeah, that's my true "busy work schedule". Oh yeah, I’m also an operator for the rape and abuse hotline.

So what can you say about a small town like Egg Harbor? A wonderful place or a real shithole that makes you take road trips to Atlantic City often just to find some action?
– Egg Harbor is a decent place. I mean, there isn't too much to do here. But we make due with what we have. And by road trip, you mean 15 minutes, right? Because that's how long our "road trip" to Atlantic City takes. But what we do like to do in Atlantic City is, get a hooker, take her to a room, and quiz her for 45 minutes on the difference between the "Mythology" X-Files episodes, and the "Monster of the Week" X-Files episodes. They never know the difference, so we just throw them 27 bucks in Monopoly money, and leave.

Line up:
Chris – guitars & vocals
Joe  – bass
Branden – drums

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