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Live From Mohegan SunSTAIND - "Live From Mohegan Sun"
Lars Ekenryd, 2012-09-11
Concerto For Group And OrchestraJON LORD - "Concerto For Group And Orchestra"
Lars Ekenryd, 2012-09-07
This is ThirteenANVIL - "This is Thirteen"
Lars Ekenryd, 2012-09-02
Back To Basics/Still Going Strong (2 in 1 Special Edition)ANVIL - "Back To Basics/Still Going Strong (2 in 1 Special Edition)"
Lars Ekenryd, 2012-09-02
MomentsSTEALING AXION - "Moments"
Petter Pettersson, 2012-08-31
Dead End KingsKATATONIA - "Dead End Kings"
Petter Pettersson, 2012-08-31
Live in Paris ’79SUPERTRAMP - "Live in Paris ’79"
Lars Ekenryd, 2012-08-30
One of ThemCADAVERIC CREMATORIUM - "One of Them"
Lars Ekenryd, 2012-08-30
KaliforniaNASTY IDOLS - "Kalifornia"
Claes Wiberg, 2012-08-24
On The Thirteenth DayMAGNUM - "On The Thirteenth Day"
Lars Ekenryd, 2012-08-23
Destination Set To NowhereVISION DIVINE - "Destination Set To Nowhere"
Lars Ekenryd, 2012-08-20
Post Mortal Coital FixationKRAANIUM - "Post Mortal Coital Fixation"
Lars Ekenryd, 2012-08-17
Architecture of LustANTROPOFAGUS - "Architecture of Lust"
Lars Ekenryd, 2012-08-15
Hårdrockens HistoriaSAM DUNN - "Hårdrockens Historia"
Lars Ekenryd, 2012-08-10
Murder in the Front RowHARALD OIMEN & BRIAN LEW - "Murder in the Front Row"
Petter Pettersson, 2012-08-04