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The Age Of DumbAFGRUND - "The Age Of Dumb"
Kristian Kotilainen, 2012-07-29
Volume/CowSHIT THE COW - "Volume/Cow"
Lars Ekenryd, 2012-07-29
Live in ChicagoFOREIGNER - "Live in Chicago"
Lars Ekenryd, 2012-07-26
IcarusDEW-SCENTED - "Icarus"
Claes Wiberg, 2012-07-25
Periphery II: This Time It’s PersonalPERIPHERY - "Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal"
Lars Ekenryd, 2012-07-25
Death's Striking WingsDEGIAL - "Death's Striking Wings"
Tove Ceginskas, 2012-07-24
At The Gate Of SethuNILE - "At The Gate Of Sethu"
Per Söderberg, 2012-07-22
Band of BrothersHELLYEAH - "Band of Brothers"
Lars Ekenryd, 2012-07-20
Silencing MachineNACHTMYSTIUM - "Silencing Machine"
Lars Ekenryd, 2012-07-12
Dark EssenceDEMONIC SLAUGHTER - "Dark Essence"
Tove Ceginskas, 2012-07-11
Reaper's ConsecrationZOMBIEFICATION - "Reaper's Consecration"
Lars Ekenryd, 2012-07-07
Bestial Thrashing BulldozerFASTKILL - "Bestial Thrashing Bulldozer"
Lars Ekenryd, 2012-07-01
The New EliteMASTER - "The New Elite"
Lars Ekenryd, 2012-07-01
KeyPG.LOST - "Key"
Bella Qvist, 2012-06-26
The Awakening Of GaiaCRYSALYS - "The Awakening Of Gaia"
Simon Ellard, 2012-06-25