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Out From The ColdCOLDSPELL - "Out From The Cold"
Magnus Ek, 2011-02-21
Darkly,  Darkly, Venus AversaCRADLE OF FILTH - "Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa"
Simon Ellard, 2010-10-20
ExcessCOMA - "Excess"
Magnus Ek, 2010-10-12
Ritual AbuseCOUGH - "Ritual Abuse"
Dan Bengtsson, 2010-09-28
Destroy The LightCIRCLE OF ANIMALS - "Destroy The Light"
Dan Bengtsson, 2010-09-22
Funk It Up & Punk It Up: Live In France '95CYCO MIKO/ INFECTIOUS GROOVES - "Funk It Up & Punk It Up: Live In France '95"
Magnus Ek, 2010-09-16
House With a CurseCOLISEUM - "House With a Curse"
Dan Bengtsson, 2010-08-12
ContradictumCELESTIAL DECAY - "Contradictum"
Magnus Ek, 2010-04-30
The Mechanical Engineering Of Living MachinesCOLOSSUS - "The Mechanical Engineering Of Living Machines"
Simon Ellard, 2010-03-28
The HorseCARBELLION - "The Horse"
Kristian Kotilainen, 2010-03-22
Abyss(i)es of anguishCONDEMNATION - "Abyss(i)es of anguish"
Daniel Löfquist, 2009-12-12
OxepCOALESCE - "Oxep"
Dan Bengtsson, 2009-12-09
The Master ClockworkCAIN - "The Master Clockwork"
Magnus Ek, 2009-09-29
Dan Bengtsson, 2009-09-22
Fast MaterialCAUSE FOR EFFECT - "Fast Material"
Dan Bengtsson, 2009-09-04