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ResurrectionCHIMAIRA - "Resurrection"
Per Söderberg, 2007-04-26
The Back of BeyondCOLLARBONE - "The Back of Beyond"
Ulrika Runesdotter Carlsson, 2007-04-16
CentraliaCAR BOMB - "Centralia"
Daniel Löfquist, 2007-04-05
Rest In Sleaze Tour 2005CRASHDÏET - "Rest In Sleaze Tour 2005"
Claes Wiberg, 2007-03-20
From Beale Street to OblivionCLUTCH - "From Beale Street to Oblivion"
Ulrika Runesdotter Carlsson, 2007-03-15
Olidous operettasCOUNTY MEDICAL EXAMINERS, THE - "Olidous operettas"
Daniel Löfquist, 2007-02-19
Birthing the GiantCANCER BATS - "Birthing the Giant"
Ulrika Runesdotter Carlsson, 2007-01-25
SeediqbaleCHTHONIC - "Seediqbale"
Claes Wiberg, 2007-01-08
Thirtysix hours laterCHELSEA SMILES, THE - "Thirtysix hours later"
Peter Jandreus, 2007-01-05
The Contaminated VoidCOLDWORKER - "The Contaminated Void"
Fredrik Andersson, 2006-11-06
One Step Behind AngerCHAOSFEAR - "One Step Behind Anger"
Fredrik Andersson, 2006-10-09
Completion makes the tragedyCOLDSEED - "Completion makes the tragedy"
Ulrika Runesdotter Carlsson, 2006-07-17
Fuck You All !!!CARPATHIAN FOREST - "Fuck You All !!!"
Per Söderberg, 2006-06-28
MonotheistCELTIC FROST - "Monotheist"
Dennis Jernberg, 2006-06-22
Somewhere Along the HighwayCULT OF LUNA - "Somewhere Along the Highway"
Ulrika Runesdotter Carlsson, 2006-05-11