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The Chainsaw's LawINFERNOISE - "The Chainsaw's Law"
Fredrik Andersson, 2008-12-04
Revolations of reckoning dayISKALD - "Revolations of reckoning day"
Peter Jandreus, 2008-11-07
Chroniken des Ablebens INFESTUS - "Chroniken des Ablebens "
Daniel Löfquist, 2008-10-27
The Crucible Of Man (Something Wicked Part 2)ICED EARTH - "The Crucible Of Man (Something Wicked Part 2)"
Eric Eklund, 2008-09-26
The Insight EyeILLOGICIST - "The Insight Eye"
Simon Ellard, 2008-08-09
Sepulchral MonumentINFUNERAL - "Sepulchral Monument"
Claes Wiberg, 2008-07-02
The PrestigeILLDISPOSED - "The Prestige"
Simon Ellard, 2008-04-23
ManifestIMPALED NAZARENE - "Manifest"
Claes Wiberg, 2007-11-11
SirensIT DIES TODAY - "Sirens"
Ulrika Runesdotter Carlsson, 2007-10-01
Framing Armageddon, Something Wicked Part 1ICED EARTH - "Framing Armageddon, Something Wicked Part 1"
Eric Eklund, 2007-09-05
THE DAY THE COUNTRY DIED - A history of anarcho punk 1980-1984IAN GLASPER - "THE DAY THE COUNTRY DIED - A history of anarcho punk 1980-1984"
Claes Wiberg, 2007-07-16
Blade of triumphIRON FIRE - "Blade of triumph"
Peter Jandreus, 2007-06-12
The Silent EpidemicINSENSE - "The Silent Epidemic"
Ulrika Runesdotter Carlsson, 2007-06-11
MegatropolisIRON SAVIOR - "Megatropolis"
Peter Jandreus, 2007-06-07
Agony ? Gift of lifeINSANIA - "Agony ? Gift of life"
Eric Eklund, 2007-06-04