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Shadows In The LightIMMOLATION - "Shadows In The Light"
Fredrik Andersson, 2007-05-13
Chaos Dissection OrderINHUME - "Chaos Dissection Order"
Fredrik Andersson, 2007-05-03
Holy murder masqueradeIMPIOUS - "Holy murder masquerade"
Daniel Löfquist, 2007-04-24
Scars: IncompleteIN SLUMBER - "Scars: Incomplete"
Ulrika Runesdotter Carlsson, 2007-04-10
In the Absence of TruthISIS - "In the Absence of Truth"
Henrik Palm, 2007-03-02
Between Two WorldsI - "Between Two Worlds"
Per Söderberg, 2006-11-01
Our darkest daysIGNITE - "Our darkest days"
Ulrika Runesdotter Carlsson, 2006-05-18
The adversaryIHSAHN - "The adversary"
Daniel Löfquist, 2006-03-29
Come clarityIN FLAMES - "Come clarity"
Ulrika Runesdotter Carlsson, 2006-03-13