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Songs For The Last ViewLACRIMAS PROFUNDERE - "Songs For The Last View"
Simon Ellard, 2008-08-14
Calm Before The StormLAUREN HARRIS - "Calm Before The Storm"
Simon Ellard, 2008-07-22
Feel The BladeLEGION OF THE DAMNED - "Feel The Blade"
Simon Ellard, 2008-04-21
We though these flames might set this world on fire...LUCIEN - "We though these flames might set this world on fire..."
Claes Wiberg, 2008-03-03
ViolatorLECHERY - "Violator"
Eric Eklund, 2008-02-04
The Lost And The DamnedLIVING HELL - "The Lost And The Damned"
Fredrik Andersson, 2008-01-02
Reconquering The PitLAY DOWN ROTTEN - "Reconquering The Pit"
Fredrik Andersson, 2007-12-27
Appointment With DeathLIZZY BORDEN - "Appointment With Death"
Per Söderberg, 2007-11-15
Waters RisingLILLIAN AXE - "Waters Rising"
Eric Eklund, 2007-08-20
LichtjahreLACRIMOSA - "Lichtjahre"
Ulrika Runesdotter Carlsson, 2007-08-15
PlanetfallLITMUS - "Planetfall"
Henrik Palm, 2007-05-15
March Of The ParasiteLAETHORA - "March Of The Parasite"
Per Söderberg, 2007-05-09
Sons Of The JackalLEGION OF THE DAMNED - "Sons Of The Jackal"
Fredrik Andersson, 2007-02-28
All Your KinLEATHER NUN - "All Your Kin"
Fredrik Andersson, 2007-02-19
SacramentLAMB OF GOD - "Sacrament"
Daniel Löfquist, 2006-11-07