Video interview: BARONESS
Skriven av Bella Qvist   
Skapad 2012-08-21 23:42

Baroness video kicks off a series of video interviews by Bella Qvist with BARONESS.

It’s been just under a week since the tour bus of American progressive sludge metal band BARONESS crashed, sliding off a slippery road near Bath in the UK and leaving the bus completely trashed. The accident not only saw the band cancelling the rest of their European tour, but it had several band and crew members hospitalised. Left with broken limbs and a couple of fractures vertebrae, the touring band had a lucky escape.

Two days before the road incident, Bella Qvist interviewed BARONESS lead singer and guitarist John Baizley. Captured in the videos below, John not only talks about the latest album but opens up about the terror of sharing true emotions with an audience, dealing with stage anxiety and the challenge of finding good food in Europe.

Far from your stereotypical rock star, John in a second video, talks more in-dept about his passion for art and music as well as the relationship between the two. He talks about symbols and religious icons, conscious and subconscious work, revealing what pushes him over to the dark side and how he keeps himself sane.

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