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OMNIHILITYTechnical death/grind is not only hard to play. It is also hard to find the right balance between memorable songwriting and hyperfast technical brutality. One new-comer that does this with impressive excellence and clearly inspired by NILEORIGIN and other masters of the genre is four-piece OMNIHILITY from Eugene, Oregon, in the US. Their debut album "Biogenesis" was released in September of last year and after buying it recently I was so impressed I got in touch with them to have a talk. Guitarist Dan Rabago was kind enough to answer my questions.

Your first album, "Biogenesis", has been out for some time now. What kind of feedback have you gotten so far?
– The reviews on "Biogenesis" have been great! It actually made a list of the top ten albums of 2012! We have been pretty excited about all the positive things people have been saying about it.

The album was released as a joint deal between Butchered Records and Sevared Records. How did that deal come to be and will upcoming releases be put out by these labels as well?

– Our vocalist John Kurzejeski used to play in the band HABORYM on Butchered Records and sent Patrick Pagan, owner of Butchered Records, our two song demo we recorded. Butchered and Sevared are brother labels so Patrick and Barrett (Amiss, owner of Sevared Records) decided to work together to release our debut album. It was a one album deal. We are now signed to Unique Leader Records for a three album deal so expect our next three albums to be through them.

Technical and fast death metal with the amount of detail that yours has presents some unique challenges when trying to get the right production. If it sounds too thick it's hard to hear what's going on and if it's too clear it may lose heaviness. How was your experience when recording "Biogenesis" and what steps did you take to get the sound just right?
– I have a mobile recording setup and have been recording demos and albums for local bands for a few years. Having good equipment also helped the sound quality as well as creative mixing. We spent alot of time on getting the album to sound right and are pretty pleased with the result.

Playing the kind of hyper-technical and fast death metal that you play seems almost like a competative sport. Do you need to rehearse and practice a lot?
– We practice as a band at least twice a week along with individual practices daily. We try to always push ourselves as musicians while keeping our roots intact and let the music flow as it will. Focusing on the song and atmosphere/concept within as opposed to piecing riffs together.

In your experience, is there a sense of competition and one-upmanship between bands?
– We dont believe there is a competition musically going on between bands. I think that new innovative ideas are influential and may spring forth enhanced or individualized versions. I just think deathmetal is at the point of no limitations and utilizing every technique possible helps in creating an individual vision and sound.

OMNIHILITYI'm guessing you're getting a bit tired of being compared to ORIGIN by now, but their influence on your music is pretty obvious. What are some of the other acts that have inspired you and helped mold your sound?
– All the old school bands we grew up listening to: SUFFOCATION. DEATH, MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE and many others. Theres an atmosphere and sense of brutality that paved the path for every death metal band since. ORIGIN was the first band I'd seen that played so fast - it was inspiring. Paul Ryan (guitar, ORIGINhas been a friend for years and has always been encouraging and supportive of OMNIHILITY.

Rumour has it that prior to the "Biogenesis"-album you actually recorded an EP and a full-length album but that these were never released. Could you tell me about that and what happened with those recordings?
- Yes, we originally recorded a six song EP-that we had pressed only 100 copies and a full length album "Abcess of Oblivion" and also a two song demo with the songs "Unsummoned" and "Biogenesis". Mainly due to line-up changes we decided not to release these versions, and also the songs have evolved and changed due to current members styles or influence. We might consider releasing some of the older material with past band-mates as bonus tracks in the future.

With the album out and your reputation as a solid technical death/grind-act steadily growing, where do you go from here? Will there be any touring? Anything outside of the US? Any new material starting to take form already?
- We do plan on doing some touring in late spring and summer. Mainly west coast dates for the most part. We would love to get on some festivals that arent already booked if that is a possibility. We are mainly focusing on the material for our next album for Unique Leader Records titled "Deathscapes of the subconscious". There has been some pre-production done for it and we are working hard to make this album as sick as it can possibly be. We plan on entering Castle Ultimate Studios with Zack Ohren and record at the end of summer.

Yes, it's a clichée, but I just had to... Any last words?
– Mainly we would like to thank all the fans and everyone that has taken notice of OMNIHILITY. We are excited to get out there with our Blakhart Guitars and crush live! Get ready for "Deathscapes of the subconscious" coming out later this year or early next year on Unique Leader Records. See all you sick fuckers soon! Cheers!

Below is the official video for the title track of "Biogenesis". Watch it, be impressed, and go buy the album!

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