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PATHOLOGY – Pedagogical Slaughter

San Diegos PATHOLOGY has certainly with their latest and fifth release “Awaken to the Suffering” marked out their path. After releasing two chunky fullengths early on the band decided to step out of the messy and surgical halls of pathological gore and instead enter the good old domains where zombies roam to feast on human juicy flesh. Something that drummer Dave Astor means has a lot more to offer.

And again with an extra helping hand from a certain character PATHOLOGY is definitely on the right track.

Did you get tired of the sloppy gore stuff and just let the love for old zombie movies flourish? Also with the video track ”Media consumption” in mind?
– On our first two albums, “Surgically Hacked" (2006) and "Incisions of Perverse Debauchery" (2008), we were still playing around with ideas and trying to figure out what direction we wanted to go. The gore stuff is cool but we wanted to branch out and take it to the next level. There is only so far you can go with playing gore metal. Zombies are cool and we wanted to add that to the band early on. There is lot of cool concepts we do with the zombies and Pathology. The next will have a cool twist.

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New MACHINE HEAD – Second generation raw Bay Area

American thrash giants MACHINE HEAD are releasing their new album "Unto the Locust" in late September worldwide, and as part of their promotion campaign I get hold of drummer Dave McClain. I want to talk to him about the new album, of course, but I would also like to go a bit deeper into his role in the band and his influences as a musician. Dave seems really happy, being in a considerably sunnier place than I am:

– Yeah, I'm down at Venice one of my best friend's houses. Hanging out with him right now, making coffee, right on the beach.

Well here in Sweden it's been raining all day.
– What a surprise! long is it now that you have been playing with MACHINE HEAD?
– Since December of '95.

How did it happen, did you approach them or did they get in contact with you?
– It was a friend of the band, he called me up one day when I was with my last band, SACRED REICH, he had asked Igor from SEPULTURA if there were any drummers who would fit MACHINE HEAD and he had referred to me so I talked to Rob (Flynn) a couple of days later. And it came to an audition for the band, and here we are.

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"We're trying to get to the ultimate goal, to be a big band and have everybody rocking for ANVIL!"

Canadian metal Gods ANVIL are touring Europe and I am speaking to front man Lips when the connection breaks down and the call is cut off. When I next ring up the band, drummer Robb Reiner picks up the phone. This is what the two band members had to say about thrash, jazz and pornorock.

Lips has answered the first two questions and Robb the rest.

How much did you know about ANVILs influence on other bands before you saw “Anvil! The Story Of Anvil”, the documentary released in 2008?
– Ah, well, bands like METALLICA, SLAYER and ANTHRAX have been friends for many years and we've known for many years that they love our band. And if those bands were influenced I'm sure there was a whole bunch of people who were.

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This Is Dramacore – interview with EVESTUS

Estonian artist EVESTUS is a man on a mission. He is an entertainer and an artist 24/7; a very busy man and a well needed injection of fresh blood into the sinking ship that is the music of today. CRITICAL MASS' Kristian Kotilainen got in touch with him at the end of last year to talk about his latest release “This Is Dramacore” and his thoughts on modern music. It’s taken a few months but here are the answers we've all been waiting for, his words of wisdom relevant as ever.

You've been making music for about seven years now. How did it start, who is EVESTUS?
– Yeah, well, actually I've been involved with music since I was about 14 years old and I started as a drummer but eventually I became a frontman for this metal band SOLWAIG in 2001. Simply because I wanted to be closer to the audience and express myself more “vocally” if you can say that. EVESTUS got started in 2003 when I felt like I had to do something else but the message was unclear. It is now, almost ten years [and three albums] later, when it's all starting to come together. So now, looking back, “Destiny in Life” [the debut album from 2004] was titled like that because then I realised that I have a destiny that I must fulfill, EVESTUS says.

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Interview with Nige Rockett of ONSLAUGHT

British thrashers ONSLAUGHT recently hit the road to support their new album “Sounds of Violence”. A couple of hours before the band walked up on stage in Gothenburg, Critical Mass took the opportunity to discuss the band’s history with guitarist and founding member Nige Rockett.

In the beginning you were very influenced by punk bands such as THE EXPLOITED and DISCHARGE. What made you to start making thrash metal?
– When we started the band we were very young kids and basically couldn’t play. We were into that kind of music and it was the only thing that we could play with our limited ability at the time. We were practicing hard and improved quickly, and then when the thrash started we were moving into a more metallic edge of punk style music. It was a natural way of progression for us, we moved along as our ability grew.

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