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FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE – Beethoven on speed!

Being one of the representatives of high quality death metal from the boot shaped country and delivering sheer brutality with an extra “classical” touch this four piece truly knows how it should be done.

Last years release “Mafia” is not just a relentless work of furious death metal. It’s also a statement aimed directly towards something that has been tied to Italy for many years.

I got hold of frontman and guitar player Tommaso Riccardi who gladly took some time from his busy schedule before heading out on 2011’s Bonecrusher Fest.

The cover art together with the title “Mafia” are very interesting indeed. Could you explain the thoughts behind it all?
– The concept behind “Mafia” is very simple. To scream and stand up against those bastards who enslave a big part of our country. For those who don't live in Italy it's probably hard to understand how serious the situation really is. How much it's compromising this country for so many reasons. The cover art represent the octopus, a perfect image to describe it all, metaphorically speaking. What this organization is able to do, and it's not just about organized criminality. It's a mentality that spreads all over, slowly becoming part of every institution and network, using the most powerful weapon to do whatever they want. I am talking about fear. Fear is the key of everything. There’s nothing like fear to make people act in a way that seems to be the best for oneself in the present day, but it of course bring an entire society towards decay and destruction in the long period. Frightened people will not talk. Frightened people will not react. Frightened people will do whatever to "save" themselves and overcome their difficult situations. And what they’re being offered to do this is through an easy way, with one price: to be silent. So these crazy things can go on with its own ruler, based on violence, murder, injustice and pain.

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CHILDREN OF BODOM: Not all is sex, drugs and rock'n'roll

It is a particularly cold day in February when Janne Wirman of CHILDREN OF BODOM calls Bella Qvist of to talk about the band’s seventh studio album "Relentless Reckless Forever". It soon turns into a conversation about saunas, sexuality and snow.

I’m staring out of a frosty window when the sound of Dr Dre fills the air. Killing the noise by picking up my phone I soon find myself engrossed in conversation with CHILDREN OF BODOM keyboardist Janne. During the half an hour that we speak he tells me about the importance of sauna bathing during the making of the new album as well as his hatred for Facebook, his disappointment in Britney Spears and why his band would beat IN FLAMES in Finnkampen. All of this before responding to gay rumours and sending his fans a special message.

Janne is in work mode when he rings up, cheerful and professional. This is not the first phone interview he is doing this week.

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Workshop with Tony Martin in Gothenburg

Last Friday, February the 25th, Tony Martin visited Musikstationen in Gothenburg, Sweden. His workshop was a great opportunity for fans and press to come a bit closer to to the former BLACK SABBATH vocalist. Tony was very cool and down-to-earth and seemed to have a good time while answering questions from his fans. Most questions were about his time in BLACK SABBATH but there was also a lot of discussion about the music business. He also showed us that his voice is still perfectly fine. When talking about working with former WHITESNAKE members Micky Moody, Bernie Marsden and Neil Murray (Also BLACK SABBATH), he performed an acoustic version of the WHITESNAKE song "Ain't no Love in the Heart of the City".

The workshop was organized by former HAMMERFALL bassist Magnus Rosén. The evening continued at the bar at Panorama Hotel, not too far away from Musikstationen. Magnus and some friends of his played some music while the fans got an opportunity to hang out with Tony. On top of this, I was given the opportunity to conduct an interview with him.

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Interview with Wolf Hoffmann, ACCEPT

CRITICAL MASS got half an hour with Wolf Hoffmann a few hours before ACCEPT entered the stage at a sold out Fryshuset in Stockholm. He seemed relaxed and looked forward to meet all the fans later on. This Thursday is a cold winter day and Wolf tells me that he never gets used to the cold weater. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee and just loves the warm weather over there. 

The first time I saw you were back in 1985. I have seen ACCEPT a few times since then. Last time was at Debaser in Stockholm last year. Your fans seemed to have been longing for you – you were saluted like kings!  How does it feel to get that response from an enthusiastic crowd after all this time?
– It's the greatest feeling. It is still just as fun as it ever was back in the day. It feels the same. I guess it feels like an addiction. To me, it is. It's the best feeling. There is no difference, it is still the same rush. Maybe other different circumstances. Of course, it has been 25–30 years, some things have changed, but not that feeling. 

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MARUTA – for the love of grind!

”We play grind because grind is in our hearts and we fucking love doing it – plain and simple!”. 27 year old vocalist Mitchell Luna explains very clearly why he and his partners in grind started MARUTA six years ago.

The Japanese named grind quartet from Florida has recently unleashed its second album ”Forward Into Regression”. An album that most certainly won’t secure a steady income for the rest of their life, but definitely an album that shows progress since 2008’s debut “In Narcosis”.

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