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VERA CRUZ: “2011 is going to be our year”

Hardcore Frenchmen VERA CRUZ tell Critical Mass why they are the next LADY GAGA

There is a fine line between being a talked about underground tip and having actually made it, yet the difference is devastatingly big. In a music industry climate that is more hostile than the coldest of winters, four Frenchmen have climbed one slippery step after another up the ladder of success with their uncompromising rock ‘n roll hardcore.

Who will be crowned “Best Newcomer of 2011”? Our money’s on VERA CRUZ.

After long email conversations throughout the latter half of the year just gone, we finally gets guitarist Flo on the phone. And he sounds like everything but a zoned out musician constantly on tour.

He is polite, but has a cheeky tone to his voice. He laughs at any given opportunity and totally lacks any form of rock star arrogance. He does however, as our reporter soon found out, possess a whole heap of humour.

Does the name VERA CRUZ ring a bell? No wonder. The band has been namedropped in punk and hardcore circles for quite a while. Still they’re new to most rock fans.

VERA CRUZ is pretty new to us too, Flo laughs. We all had former bands and we’ve been doing this for a good decade but we’re fresh blood. We want to take over the world by touring endlessly and we want prove to the world we’re here for the passion, not the fame.

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SODOM: Just fans making music!

On November 22:nd, the German thrash legends will release their new album "In War and Pieces". After almost thirty years the band sound just as intense as ever. I got the opportunity to talk to main man Tom Angelripper. Besides talking about the new album and the band, we also discussed the things that are the main focus of his lyrics: war and politics. The SODOM mainman turned out to be one hell of a guy: Very down-to-earth, very kind and very easy to talk to.

You're going to release a new album called "In war and Pieces". I've listened to it and I think it sounds more dynamic and complex compared to your previous releases. What do you say about that?
– Yeah, that's true. I think there is a big difference to "In war and Pieces" and the other albums. You know, I never compare it to other albums. It's a new album with brand new songs, but this time the production was better. It was very important for us to get a better production than on the latest SODOM release. I want to have louder guitars and I want to have a better drum sound. We are so glad to get a producer like Waldemar Schorychta, who can help us to get a sound like this. That was the most important thing. To get a producer who knows exactly what we want. We did a pre-production a couple of weeks before we started in the studio so he could help us with the songs and I'm very,very satisfied.

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SOLSTICE – risen from the Netherworld!

It caught my attention during spring last year that one of the most overlooked death/thrash bands from the 90’s Florida metal-scene had returned. I was also told at the time that a new album titled “To Dust” was already recorded and that they were in search for a label. The album came out November last year, but after that it’s been really quiet.

I got hold of main man and guitar player Dennis Munoz just to check out what’s going on in the SOLSTICE-camp.

First of all, how come you shook good ol' SOLSTICE back to life again?
– Recording a follow up to "Pray" (1995) was always in the works but time after time there would be circumstances beyond our control that would push things back. So Alex (Marquez, drums, SARGON, ex-MALEVOLENT CREATION, RESURRECTION), Garrett (Scott, bass) and I started jamming in 2005 to see if we could start writing music again. The year after we began to try and track down Christian (Rudes, vocals/guitars), which we found out from old friends that he had moved to Michigan. After some investigating I found the myspace page of a band named GUTROT that he had been in. I contacted one of the guys in the band and got Christian's contact info. After that we began exchanging riffs and getting things together.

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BRING ME THE HORIZON: To Hell And Back Again

BRING ME THE HORIZON are back in full force. Critical Mass' Bella has spoken to drummer Matt Nicholls about the pressure of writing a follow up, life on tour and just why he loves the cold North so much.

As Matt Nicholls of BRING ME THE HORIZON picks up his phone to speak to CRITICAL MASS he is enjoying some serious home time. A few days ago the band released their third CD “There Is A Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It; There Is A Heaven, Let’s Keep It A Secret” and the drummer is chilling with a game of XBOX FIFA at his mate’s house in Sheffield, currently losing one nil.

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BRUTAL TRUTH, evolving at the speed of grind

No friend of extreme music in general and grindcore in particular has missed the fact that the massive BRUTAL TRUTH have returned and judging by their latest effort "Evolution through revolution" they mean business as usual. Because of this I decided to hunt down bassplayer, founder and all around metal-legend Dan Lilker and ask him some questions.

You started BRUTAL TRUTH back in 1990 while you were still a member of NUCLEAR ASSAULT. What were the original goals and motivation behind forming the band?
– By this time I had been exposed to grindcore, fast hardcore (like HERESY) and blasting death metal for a few years and I wanted to play stuff like that. In '90, NUCLEAR ASSAULT had to take some time off so our lawyer could straighten out a whole bee's nest of legal messes, we were told "Just chill out for now" so we all decided to pursue solo projects to pass the time and take advantage of personal musical leanings that would be inappropriate for NUCLEAR ASSAULT material. So BRUTAL TRUTH started as me writing stuff like "Walking Corpse" and "Stench Of Profit" in my room with programmed drums. At this time I didn't see it as anything more than a fun distraction, but upon playing it for Jim Welch (later to head Earache USA), he got a big grin on his face and told me I should find musicians and do this for real. Sorry, but I can't resist – And the rest is history.

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