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AUTOPSY resurrected – The godfather of gore Chris Reifert speaks

1446_Autopsy_bandChris Reifert first appears as the drummer on the legendary DEATH album “Scream Bloody Gore”, before starting his own band AUTOPSY, whose first albums have reached nearly iconic status in the history of American death metal. His next group, the more punk/hardcore-influenced ABSCESS, renders him the status as one of the founding fathers of doom metal. The band however calls its quits in summer 2010. At the same time, surprisingly, the reunion of AUTOPSY is announced.

I call him up for a chat about the upcoming album, the importance of cool covers, and why basically any other genre tags than “death metal” are unnecessary.

How has it been since you announced the reunion of AUTOPSY?
Everything’s been really good, better than we thought, you know, with the reactions and everything. So were definitely quite pleased with things!

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Sonisphere Festival 2010, Knebworth, England 30 July–01 August

Like the poor bastard I am I had given up all hope to afford any festivals this summer. I got mighty suprised when my luck changed and I won a few free tickets to Sonisphere Festival in Knebworth outside London. As if that wasn’t lucky enough I even managed to sell my spare ones to support my drink and food needs for the whole weekend. Maybe there is a God after all that even looks after us metalheads once in a while…


3 a.m. and me and my two female partners in crime are waiting at London’s Victoria Coach station for the amusingly enough, big pink bus that’s going to take us to the rock festival. We arrived safe and well and at the camping I (as the supporter of equality I am) let the ladies do the job of setting our camp up. Women can do it for themselves nowadays they say, and they sure did it quicker than I probably would have. After a few shots of bourbon and some nasty cider we got on our way to check out what the festival had to offer.

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CLUTCH – interview with the heavy blues men from Maryland

CLUTCH, the institution in heavy swingin' blues rock have been around since 1991. Nine albums and uncountable shows in their luggage, has made the Maryland quartet one of the most appreciated and consistent in their genre – even in northern Europe. CLUTCH shows in my home town Göteborg, Sweden, has been sold out every time for as long as I can remember. When CLUTCH came to play at local rock club Sticky Fingers on July 19:th – the only Swedish date on this leg of the tour – I jumped on their tour bus and had a nice chat with CLUTCH's laid back drummer Jean-Paul Gaster.

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ATHEIST – Unquestionably present!

”There will never be a new album”. Those were the words stated during their reunion gigs four years back now. But like so many times before, you should never say never. With the overwhelming response from fans all over the world the classic Tampa based death metal act just couldn’t let it all go. Now in 2010 a new album is in progress and according to vocalist Kelly Shaefer the results so far are beyond his expectations.

I caught up with Kelly for a quick chat and he gladly gave us an update on the whole thing, also sorting out a few question marks connecting him with names like AC/DC and VELVET REVOLVER.

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LAMB OF GOD – a simple band

They call it pure American metal, the music that has fans hooked all over the world. Their stage performances are, just as Carolina Bengtsson described in a recent review (in Swedish), always overflowing with energy and they have been nominated for a Grammy.

For sixteen years the band that once called itself BURN THE PRIEST has been going, yet their success has seen a very slow progression and it is only now that LAMB OF GOD get to go on the tour of a life time.

Isabella Qvist spoke to one of the group’s founding members, bassist John Campbell, about feeling old, his one man protest and why he never wanted to become a rock star.

John paces back and forwards in a dressing room in Gothenburg as he speaks to me over a crackling phone line. He is polite and talks slowly, something which helps because his voice is deep, his accent thick and the Skype connection weak...

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