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KING LIZARD @ Unholy: The Scala, London, 26th of March 2010

Flash. Photo: Nina Edwards
It’s a rainy Friday night on the 26th of March in London. The clock is around 1 a.m. at The Scala when a voice from the speakers announce that it’s time for “KING FUCKING LIZARD”!

Flash Roxx, Niro Knox, Alice Rain and Drake Kelly enter the stage and with the energy of a roaring tiger KING LIZARD kicks off with “Rain On You” from the forthcoming debut album “Viva La Decadence”. This is the bands first gig since November and with the new member Drake (ex-SOCIAL HEAD REMOVAL) who’s replaced former drummer Sky London. Lead singer Flash’s voice is on top, all the classic rock n’ roll poses are in the right places and the flirting and interacting with the crowd is never ending without being too much...

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“You have to let shit go” – Phil Demmel about forgiveness and the future of MACHINE HEAD

Any MACHINE HEAD fan with YouTube access knows that Phil Demmel passed out on stage in front of thousands whilst on tour with METALLICA at Sonisphere Festival last summer.

Despite common belief, sex, drugs and rock n’ roll was never the reason for that or other YouTube captured episodes.

In an emotional interview with Critical Mass Isabella Qvist, Phil talks about how the depression after his father’s death as well as his incapability to move on and forgive his cheating ex wife physically affected his heart.

Phil hasn’t had a holiday for fifteen years, he hardly ever gets to see his three year old son and he has had false Twitter accounts set up in his name, spreading lies over the Internet.

Still Phil is one of the loveliest people you could ever meet. Like a big cuddly bear with his long dark hair hidden under his favourite black beanie hat, the MACHINE HEAD guitarist sits next to me in a cold concrete staircase in Leeds, telling me how you need to forgive and let your anger go, even when the people you love cheat on you and leave you in ruins.

You can’t change the way people behave, but you can control the energy you give a situation, he tells me.

Let’s rewind the tape for a bit...

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INHUME – Welcome to art school!

The Dutch grinders are certainly taking their time putting out albums. Sure, their fourth one in order, “Moulding the Deformed”, is just about to hit the turntables. But considering the band has been around for sixteen years it makes you wonder if they boys are really pedantic when it comes to songwriting, or are they just a bunch of lazy grindmonglers? Guitar player Ben Janssen is kind enough to explain.   
– Wow, I had to look up the word "pedantic" and this is what it says on Wikipedia: "being referred to as a pedant, or pedantic, is generally considered insulting". So… eh.. thanks? No really, we just take our time and never felt the urge of having to do an album every other year or whatever. We are in this business for our own fun and if we record an album every third or fourth year we sure as hell are fine with that. Then again, the next one might be recorded next year, I really don't know. Our previous album “Chaos Dissection Order” (Osmose) was released three years ago and if things would’ve go as planned “Moulding the Deformed” should’ve been out last autumn actually. Making it only two years between the releases. Besides that most of us also have other bands (DROWNING IN TEARS, BILE, SKULLHOG, MARTYRIUM /ed. note) so we're are kind of busy one way or the other.

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IMMOLATION – Prepare for the majestic decay!

For over twenty years now, IMMOLATION have delivered nothing but sheer unique death metal. The recipe behind it all? Pure passion and dedication, says guitar player Robert Vigna, one of the co-founders of the band.

Just about to uncover their eighth massive work “Majesty and Decay” in beginning of March, CRITICAL MASS was able to get in touch with the New York-quartet who's at the time are in the middle of touring around the US. Rob starts off giving a short update from the road.  

- The tour here has been going great! All the shows have had great crowds and it’s one of the best tours we’ve done in a while. We’ve known the NILE guys for years and have already done a few tours with KRISIUN, so it’s been a fun one. Ourselves and KRISIUN are also sharing a bus here and its been a blast. DREAMING DEAD is a really good band too and are totally cool people. So, so far so good!

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EX DEMENTIA – Join the Red Mass!

In the sweet little town called Egg Harbor, deep down in New Jersey, there’s something horrendous growing. In it’s own slow rotting pace, but constantly towards a more foul and revolting thing. While it’s been commanding us earlier to repulse and shown us some of the worst chapters of horror. It’s now time to spread the mass completely. And the three men behind it all sure have always known what they’ve been aiming for with their God–awful creation.

– The band was created so we could play death metal in the classic vein, drummer Branden starts to explain. Financially, is it the best style of music to play? No. But it really is all about just having fun and enjoying what you do. We've invested a lot of money into the band, and we've made a lot of that money back. But like I said, we knew going in, we weren't going to make lots full of cash. You hear people always say, "Man, death metal isn't how it used to be". Well, if you're musically inclined, and you know other people who are musically inclined – quit cunting, and write. Now I’m not saying you should completely clone the sound, in terms of production, rip-off writing, and such. I think if the technology is available, use it. But a lot of bands can over-polish their product. Just listen all the death metal acts played on MTV2.

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