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ASPHYX – Death metal, the brutal way! Martin Van Drunen comes home.

In the early nineties few bands impressed me and stood out as much as ASPHYX did. Their doomy and excruciatingly raw death metal coupled with the furious and tortured roars of vocalist Martin Van Drunen (previously in PESTILENCE) caught my ear immediately and the debut album "The rack" (1991) in my opinion stands as one of the mightiest death metal debuts of all time.

After the second album, "Last one on earth" (1992), Van Drunen left the band and has since made appearances in bands such as BOLT THROWER and COMECON and most recently in HAIL OF BULLETS, of which he is a permanent member.

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CRIMINAL ELEMENT – Death metal "thugs"!

One of the best death metal releases last year definitely came from Washington DC’s CRIMINAL ELEMENT. The straight forward and pulverizing fullength debut ”Guilty As Charged” is without a doubt a first class piece of violence which will plainly pound you into dust.

Main man and vocalist Vince Matthews starts of explaining to me why ”bigger” things haven’t happened earlier though with labels like Relapse or Emetic, who are both responsible for two rumbling ep’s three years ago (”Criminally Contaminated” and ”Career Criminal”)

I guess the reason is because since this is a side project and the fact that I had an unstable past labels didn't want to take a chance on doing a multi album deal and me end up in prison for a long time. And they probably didn't think that CRIMINAL ELEMENT would last because of that situation. I really don't blame them, I don't mind having to prove myself to these labels. My criminal years are behind me now and I'm just focusing on writing great music and the rest will fall in place.

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Tour talk with THE EYES OF A TRAITOR

THE EYES OF A TRAITOR, a technical metal band from Hertfordshire, UK, has had a good start to the year to say the least. Having received overwhelming feedback on their debut album before it even hit the stores and just having finished an extensive UK tour with GOJIRA there is no doubt that these boys are not just another hype, but a band to keep an eye out for in future.

The five piece band which signed to Thirty Days Of Nights Records, previous label of bands such as GALLOWS and BRING ME THE HORIZON when they were only 16 years old, released their debut album “A Clear Perception” with Listenable Records in March this year.

CRITICAL MASS has spoken to STEVE WITHWORTH, 18 years old and lead guitarist of a band frustrated with being looked over because of their young age.

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MOONSPELL's Fernando Ribeiro checks in

We got in touch with Fernando Ribeiro, vocalist of Portugese veterans MOONSPELL to receive a quick update on the new DVD and more. Hang on!

You have had the same members since "Irreligious". The members have been you, Ricardo, Mike and Pedro. Twelve years is a long time, what is your secret for staying together as a band?
– No secret other than a true friendship and a like mindness to get us through the good and the bad times. We all share a common ground and though we have differences we can work them out so they wont affect our creativity and what we all respect in the band and in the fans and our partners.

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25 Years of German killer thrash: Meet Schmier from DESTRUCTION

DESTRUCTION was one of the very first thrash outfits from Germany. They formed in 1983, and released their debut “Sentence of Death” in 1984. Since then, they have released many albums, toured the world, split up and reformed again. Now, DESTRUCTION are on the road, celebrating 25 years of blistering thrash metal. I met Schmier, original vocalist and bassplayer when DESTRUCTION was in my home town Gothenburg in early December 2008. It turned out to be a long and interesting chat. Hang on!

DESTRUCTION is celebrating a 25-year anniversary this year with the new "D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N." album and a world tour.  How does it feel, sitting here today, twenty five years after forming the band?
– We never thought we would go so far anyway. Every show we play today is like a gift for us. You know, people were laughing at us in the beginning, We were kids from the countryside who played lots of noise. Now, 25 years later, many of those people who laughed back then had to shut up, so it's a cool thing. Every show we play is a gift, and especially when we play outside of Germany. Our market is not Germany – our market is the world, we have a worldwide fan base. We will never be the biggest band in the world but we have a solid fan base, and it's great, after all those years. We appreciate every show we play.  We're gonna be on the road hopefully until next summer, with small breaks in between, but still, it's gonna be a long tour. We'll see how the world economy goes until then, because already, we can feel that people are having problems with money and the economy is dropping.  In Germany, we expect a big loss for 2009. Hopefully we can play all the shows. A lot of tours are going bad right now because the lack of money.

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