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NAPALM DEATH – Barney Greenway tells it like it is

For the better part of twentyfive years British grindcore-veterans NAPALM DEATH have been pounding out relentless noise displaying both aggressive brutality and intelligent musicianship with their unique brand of extreme music. Few bands have been even half as influential in shaping the genres that we know today as grindcore and death metal and it is only natural, or obligatory even, that we take notice as the band is about to drop their new album "Time Waits For No Slave", due out in Europe by the end of January.

Luckily frontman and singer Mark "Barney" Greenway was kind enough to have a chat with me over the phone to discuss the new album, the state of the world and several things in between.

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HAEMORRHAGE - Spanish gods of goregrind

Few bands have been pounding out high quality goregrind for as long as Spains goriest quintette HAEMORRHAGE has. Since the bands inception in 1990 they've belted out six full-length albums, a slew of EPs and plenty of other releases. It's been over two years since the last full-length offering, the magnificent "Apology For Pathology", so I thought it was high time to drop guitarist and main gorehound Luis "Luisma" Quiroga an e-mail and see what's new in the morgue.

First of all, thanks for doing this interview. You are, in my opinion, one of the best bands in the goregrind-genre and deserve so much more exposure than what you get.
Thanks for your words and support. You'll always be welcome to our morgue.

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PREY FOR NOTHING - Violent times demand violent music!

With their debut album "Violence Divine" this Israeli quintet really caught my attention. If you want to expand your geographic views within heavy music, PREY FOR NOTHING is a good reason why to check out what the Middle East has to offer.

To talk more about the band and the situation down there vocalist Yotam "Defiler" Avni was nice enough to call me up for a chat from his hometown Nahariya, a popular tourist destination with a population a bit more than 50,000, just next to the Mediterranean Sea. Excited and eager, he is he's really up for talking and almost immediately he tells me that the day before he attended at Sven de Caluwé's (ABORTED) wedding. Yep, the Belgian growler swore his love to Miri (vocalist in DISTORTED) in a place called "Red dawn" in Israel's fourth biggest city Rishon LeZion, November 4:th (more information about the love birds here, I guess).

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AGENDA OF SWINE - Waves Of Human Suffering!

Not many bands have made such a first impression and impact on me like AGENDA OF SWINE. Their massive and outstanding debut album "Waves Of Human Suffering" (Relapse) is a total outburst of crushing insanity and grindcore blended with a sort of punkish attitude. Of course I was instantly floored.

To get to know the band a little bit better, consisting of John Gotelli (drums), Jeff Lenormand (guitar), Emad Jaghab (bass), Jason Behan (guitar) and vocalist Pete Ponitkoff, I decided to send just a few questions to the frontman. And to my surprise not only he took time to go through my questions I sent him. For a starter giving me an explanation about the name AGENDA OF SWINE.
Jeff: It's an ambiguous name left up to the individual's imagination.

Pete: It's origin is actually a derivative of words communal used in union propaganda. Swine, hog, pig, is a metaphor used for big business. Agenda is a word that you usually find not far behind the later.

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CELTIC FROST - Interview with Tom Fischer, April 19:th 2006

Tom Fischer
Swiss extreme metal pioneers CELTIC FROST have returned! Mastermind Tom Fischer (guitar, lead vocals) and fellow original member Martin Ain (bass, vocals) have once again teamed up to create some dark and eerie unique music of the heaviest type, just like they did back in the early 80s when CELTIC FROST was originally formed from the ashes of cult black metal act HELLHAMMER. The new album ”Monotheist” will be released in late May 2006 on Century Media and will be followed up by extensive touring. Tom rang me up and we had a long talk about the past, present and future CELTIC FROST. Enjoy!

Obviously, recording an album like Monotheist isn’t easy.  How would you describe the making of Monotheist, in comparison to the earlier records?
It was by far, really by far, the most difficult album to make ever in my life. Given it was my tenth album, that means something. It was an ordeal, and it was a huge challenge and it was four difficult years of my life, both professionally and personally. But I think it was essential to make that album, and I’m extremely glad that we did it.

How come you choose to sign with Century Media? Which other labels were you negotiating with?
We talked to quite a number of labels, but what we wanted was not simply a financially lucrative deal. We wanted a label where we felt there was a personal understanding of our music and a personal interest. We have been with labels in the past that didn’t really give a shit about the music and about the concept of CELTIC FROST, and it has been extremely damaging to our art. That’s why we took control, we formed our own record company and produced the album ourselves, financed the album ourselves. But ofcourse, to release and promote it worldwide we wanted to have a really capable partner, somebody who would have a personal involvement, and we just felt that Century Media, for the time being, was the best partners we could find.

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