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ObsidiumENTHRONED - "Obsidium"
Daniel Löfquist, 2012-05-29
s/tENSNARED - "s/t"
Peter Jandreus, 2012-03-14
Beyond The Fall Of TimeEXMORTUS - "Beyond The Fall Of Time"
Lars Ekenryd, 2012-02-11
Infektion 1813ENDSTILLE - "Infektion 1813"
Simon Ellard, 2012-01-14
Give Me InfinityEXIT TEN - "Give Me Infinity"
Bella Qvist, 2011-11-13
The Tomb AwaitsENTRAILS - "The Tomb Awaits"
Anna Strand, 2011-09-19
Something WickedEARTHRIDE - "Something Wicked"
Dan Bengtsson, 2011-08-17
Fairytale Of PerversionEXELOUME - "Fairytale Of Perversion"
Fredrik Andersson, 2011-08-03
The Satanik MagiikEL CAMINO - "The Satanik Magiik"
Simon Ellard, 2011-06-18
And Them Boys Done SwangELECTRIC BOYS - "And Them Boys Done Swang"
Magnus Ek, 2011-05-02
If Nothing's Right... Go LeftERNST AND THE EDSHOLM REBELS - "If Nothing's Right... Go Left"
Peter Jandreus, 2011-02-18
Deep RootedENGRAINED - "Deep Rooted"
Simon Ellard, 2011-01-06
ApocalypticEVOCATION - "Apocalyptic"
Claes Wiberg, 2010-12-08
High Hopes in Low PlacesEND OF GREEN - "High Hopes in Low Places"
Dan Bengtsson, 2010-08-31
Tomorrow's dead daysENTHROPE - "Tomorrow's dead days"
Daniel Löfquist, 2010-07-04