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Kristian Kotilainen, 2012-04-01
Ravage & ConquerIMPIETY - "Ravage & Conquer"
Lars Ekenryd, 2012-03-22
A scent of deathINFUNERAL - "A scent of death"
Daniel Löfquist, 2011-10-27
Return Of The AssassinINEPT MADNESS - "Return Of The Assassin"
Magnus Ek, 2011-09-29
Torn From The AbyssINFUNERAL - "Torn From The Abyss"
Anna Strand, 2011-09-28
First CircleINFERNO XII - "First Circle"
Simon Ellard, 2011-04-07
Worshippers of the Seventh TyrannyIMPIETY - "Worshippers of the Seventh Tyranny"
Daniel Löfquist, 2011-04-05
Into The Crypts Of BlasphemyINTERMENT - "Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy"
Fredrik Andersson, 2011-02-02
Imperial State ElectricIMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC - "Imperial State Electric"
Simon Ellard, 2010-06-15
Season of the RichI LOVE RICH - "Season of the Rich"
Peter Jandreus, 2010-05-18
Moulding the deformedINHUME - "Moulding the deformed"
Daniel Löfquist, 2010-04-24
Shadow Of The Red BaronIRON MASK - "Shadow Of The Red Baron"
Magnus Ek, 2010-04-16
The Severed InceptionINEVITABLE END - "The Severed Inception"
Magnus Ek, 2009-05-25
Wicked MaidenIMPELLITERI - "Wicked Maiden"
Magnus Ek, 2009-05-21
Bad habit romanceINNOCENT ROSIE - "Bad habit romance"
Claes Wiberg, 2009-02-12